Is your HR department disrupted or spread to thin?

Perles RH is your “go to” business partner when projects are piling up and resources are feeling overloaded. We will deploy resources on site to effectively manage the crisis and ensure the smooth continuity of your operations.

Employee engagement, retention and attraction is an important concern for you? 

Our team is here to shed light on the matter. We take the time to analyse and understand your business and your individual operations and processes in order to present tailored recommendations to help your business thrive.

Need an hand managing your HR?

Let our team help you sort through your troubles and reduce the workload. We are skilled and equipped to implement an HR department or tools to facilitate the day to day management of your precious resources. Let our experts guide you through the ropes of the law and intricacies of HR management.

Why work with Perles RH?

Who we are?

We are a human resources management consulting firm that specializes in process optimization and effective performance.

Our interventions are aligned with your growth objectives and business strategies.

Our field experts are there to take the load off your HR team and work efficiently to get the job done, in order for you to focus solely on more important strategic projects that bring an added value to the organisation.

How we do it 

20 years of experience in the HR industry enables us to understand your business challenges. The support we offer centers on providing personalized solutions and is executed in a spirit of partnership. With our help, you’ll be able to optimize the mobilization and retention of your employees according to the reality and the challenges you face.

Our expertise


We take charge of your human resources, so you can dedicate your time to strategic management and the execution of projects that are critical to the success of your business.

Your priority becomes our priority – we follow your agenda and we help to achieve your business goals.

OUR TEAM here to advise you

Our consultants are available and ready to answer all your HR and Talent acquisitions related concerns.


Contact us and let’s discuss about your needs regarding;


The current and future HR challenges your organisation is facing

The full potential of your employees and how to maximize it

The best HR practices to be adopted by your managers

The employee engagement level of your organisation

or any other HR matter that concerns you

Co-Founder and Partner

Cindy Driscoll

Cindy is the founder of Perles HR. She has been actively involved in the human resources industry for 20 years and has always placed an importance on the role « human capital » plays,  at the center of her interventions. Within her organization, she is responsible for the management and growth of her business. On the field she offers strategic support to major multinational clients and SMEs, allowing them to optimize and implement efficient HR strategies. Though a strategist at heart, she never hesitates to step-in with the field experts in order to support strategies in place.

University certificate in human resources management.

Co-Founder and Partner

Joëlle Raby

Joëlle is the co-founder of Perles HR. Dynamic and devoted, she is responsible for the development and growth of the business, as well as offering consultation services in human resources management. A strong believer in honest and solid partnerships, Joëlle stands out with her ability to understand a business’ HR challenges and through her ease in creating order out of chaotic situations. She is passionate about employee happiness at work and their development within the organization, and enjoys devotes herself to the development of strategies to ensure employee attraction, mobilization and retention.

Undergraduate degree in psychology and human resources management from Concordia University. Certified by the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services since 2010.

Mélanie Larivière

Reliable, responsible, passionate and able to properly perform the tasks entrusted to her, Mélanie has a very good sense of leadership and excellent analytical skills. Dynamic and motivated, she is very organized and committed. Her strong business skills allow her to seize opportunities as they arise. Her ambition, curiosity and desire to always do more, leads her to take on new projects with open arms.

Bachelor degree in Commerce (Bcomm) with a major in Marketing at John Molson School of Business

Geneviève Dubé-Marcil, CHRP

Striving for new challenges, Geneviève joined Perles RH in 2019. Standing out as an intrapreneur, Geneviève loves working on new projects and building from scratch. Her ability to understand issues, her charisma and her bonding spirit make her a perfect team player. With her background of experience in marketing and human resources, Geneviève has the skills set allowing her to work on specific HR marketing mandates and on employer brand projects. Moreover, she is responsible for ensuring the visibility of the company and contributing to the influence of Perles HR’s employer brand.

Graduated in 2014 from the BAA specialization in human resources at HEC Montréal, Geneviève gained experience as an HR generalist after school, before diving into marketing. As a member of the CHRP order, she undertakes ongoing training in human resources management, in order to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

Jean-Sébastien Côté, CHRP

Consultant in human resources, strategic talent acquisition and organizational development, Jean-Sébastien is constantly looking for innovative solutions. His experience in HR and his master’s degree in organizational development makes him a seasoned consultant to support managers and executives in achieving their objectives and transmitting best HR practices to companies.

Owner of his HR firm, he acts as an external partner with Perles HR on specific mandates and projets.