Is your HR department feeling an urgent need for recruitment support?

During times of disruption in your human resources department, Perles HR is your partner in talent acquisition. They will deploy resources on site to effectively manage the crisis and ensure the smooth continuity of your operations.

Do you suffer from a high turnover rate? Are you having trouble attracting the right candidates for your company?
Specialized in global talent acquisition strategies, Perles HR will guide you by analyzing the current reality of your company and your vision of growth, with the aim of achieving conclusive and long lasting results.

Your specialists in talent acquisition

Our expertise
We support the human resources department in talent acquisition.

Our approach
We deploy our expert resources on site and offer our clients a personalized strategic support to target their exact needs.

Our objective
Preventing the interruption of your operations during periods of disruptions and prepare you to face the current labor shortage.

Our expertise in talent acquisition

The demand for talent far exceeds the supply. Companies are looking for reliable solutions and innovative recruitment strategies to attract the best talents on the market.  Perles HR is your ally, we will develop solutions and present an action plan that will significantly help you hire the right talent, improve process performance, reduce staff turnover and improve profitability.

Our interventions can be either operational or strategic or both, we tailor the support and offer cost saving solutions that respect your budget.

Our Talent In Acquisition Team

If you are looking for talent acquisition experts to guide you, give you the tools you need and support you through it all, know that we are here to help.

Co-Founder and Partner

Cindy Driscoll

Talent Acquisition Business Partner

A jill-of-all-trades. A force of nature. The brainchild behind Pearls HR. Cindy is all this and much more. Her shoulder-to-the-grindstone attitude and unique sense of empathy are equalled only by her joie de vivre, her uncanny ability to keep stress at bay and her gift for unmuddying the waters when the way ahead is unclear. She is an HR business partner extraordinaire – a professional through and through who takes her clients’ needs to heart and does everything she can to exceed their expectations.

University certificate in human resources management.

Cindy has been working in HR since 1999, accumulating a wealth of experience as a recruitment consultant for a wide range of organizations of all types and sizes operating in the Greater Montreal area. Working from her office or directly at your place of business, she can provide you with expert insight into any aspect of human resources management and talent acquisition. What sets her apart from other recruitment consultants is her innate understanding of her clients’ ecosystem, which she uses to craft solutions tailored to their specific needs and deliver compelling results.

Co-Founder and Partner

Joëlle Raby

Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Joëlle is a make-it-happen kind of a person. As the co-founder of Pearls HR, she oversees the firm’s business development efforts in addition to providing high-level staffing and talent acquisition consulting services. She is a straight shooter and an organizational whiz with a nose for spotting and selecting the best talent in the market. Recruiting and organizational development are her twin passions.

Undergraduate degree in psychology and human resources management from Concordia University. Certified by the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services since 2010.

Joëlle has more than 15 years of HR management experience with consulting firms and recruiting agencies, with a focus on executive search services. During the course of her career, she has overseen teams of up to a dozen recruiters and been a key player in countless recruiting operations, which she has helped bring to fruition with her trademark drive and customer-centric mindset. Transparency and integrity are more than just buzzwords for Joëlle: they are deep-seated values that enable her to maximize her own productivity and the performance of the recruitment teams she structures, mentors, coaches and trains to be more successful.

Mélanie Larivière

Project Manager & Talent Acquisition Specialist

Reliable, responsible, passionate and able to properly perform the tasks entrusted to her, Mélanie has a very good sense of leadership and excellent analytical skills. Dynamic and motivated, she is very organized and committed. Her strong business skills allow her to seize opportunities as they arise. Her ambition, curiosity and desire to always do more, leads her to take on new projects with open arms.

Bachelor degree in Commerce (Bcomm) with a major in Marketing at John Molson School of Business

With more than 10 years of experience working in the entertainment industry, project and partnerships management, customer service as well as maintaining excellent relationships, Melanie knows how to treat her projects as a priority and with professionalism. She knows how to make a difference and she has the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, while exercising judgment and diplomacy. Her experience in a constantly evolving field has allowed her to acquire the ability to easily adapt to all situations, quickly find solutions to problems and mainly stand out in highly competitive markets.

Didier Avignon

Talent acquisition specialist

Passionate about his job, Didier has been a talent acquisition specialist for several years. Being honest, caring and empathic, he always listens to his peers, and to people around him. He loves new challenges, and his desire for success greatly influences his network in a positive way. His creativity and originality allow him to constantly find new ideas and strategies, enabling his clients and his candidates to surpass their golas and objectives. Being an organized and proactive person, Didier is able to adapt to all kinds of environnments and situations, without fear of stepping out of his comfort zone.

Didier has a college diploma in social science, with an international business option.

Didier has nearly 5 years of experience in talent acquisition and business development. He has worked with a number of companies, particularly in the fields of  technology, administration and finance. This diversity now allows him to understand how recruitment works at all levels, and also to quickly understand the reality of the companies with which he is called upon to collaborate.

Émilie Sylvestre, CRIA

Talent acquisition specialist

Determined, professional and with an overflowing creativity, Émilie is motivated by the desire to offer a quality customer service and enjoys relationships based on collaboration and openness. With a known interest in new trends in talent acquisition, she advocates the use of best practices and makes the staffing process easy and enjoyable for all involved.

Émilie holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations from the University of Montreal in 2005. She also had the opportunity to participate in development of workshops concerning the employer brand, human resources analytics and the use of social networks.

In her last 15 years, she has had the opportunity to staff both manufacturing and corporate positions. Her experience as a generalist in human resources, gained in public and private sectors, allows her to take a critical look at the situations that arise.