Strategic support

Recruiting the right candidates is a major challenge and ensuring its retention is another! Competition between companies to attract and retain the best employees has never been more present. This is why we offer strategic talent acquisition interventions that will help you diagnose and develop a plan that reflects your reality and your vision for growth. These interventions have one objective: to achieve sustainable results.

Human Resource Management

A service that gives you support and access to the expertise of specialists in human resources management.

  • Diagnostic of your needs
  • Structure and optimization of your processes
  • Skills and talent development

Business diagnosis

Are you experiencing a situation within your team that you would like to settle but don’t have the skills to do it? We can help you put in effective solutions.

How? By identifying organizational issues and providing you with the tools to solve them.

The benefits of our intervention:

  • Focus on the integration of identified solutions
  • To be accompanied in skills development

Employer Brand Management

The goal of Employer branding is to improve the attractiveness of the company with the sought-after talents. Perles HR will assist you in developing or improving your employer brand strategy and define it, solidify it and promote it to attract the best potential candidates.

The benefits of our intervention:

  • Attract candidates who best meet the requirements of the position to be filled
  • Promote your corporate culture and make your company stand out from the competition

Skills development

Nowadays, developing employees through training represents an important issue for all businesses and is an integral part of healthy management. Our role is to help you in the creation and implementation of comprehensive training plans. Moreover, it is essential for Perles HR’s team to stay on top of all the latest trends and market practices by actively participating in various human resources training courses.

Our interventions are eligible for advantageous government reimbursements.